Thursday, March 31, 2011

NFW Day 1

On Wednesday I attended the first shows of Nashville Fashion Week. I've always heard about how chaotic things are during fashion weeks, but I always thought people were just being dramatic. Wrong.

I headed to the first venue an hour before the shows started. My GPS said I would arrive a little before the doors were even open, so I decided to stop and grab a burger. What a dumb move on my part. I ended up getting stuck in Fashion Week/Predators traffic downtown. It literally took me 45 minutes to move like 40 feet.

I finally approached the venue with 10 minutes to spare and was told that parking was full and I would have to find another place to park. You can imagine the frustration going through my head as I had to go on an adventure to find a place to park.
Let me just say for those who know me, you know I hate paying to park, I'll park 20 blocks away for free before I pay 20 to park 2 blocks away. Tonight was an exception. I found my usual downtown spot and to my demise they were charging 10 bucks. I really was just over it and gave in. I grabbed my camera, bag, and ticket and literally started to run.

I was about half there when it started to rain. Lucky for me I was prepared.

When I finally arrived I realized that I wasn't the only one running late. There was a line of at least 50 people moving slow as hell. Thankfully I knew someone at the desk and she got me my pass and gift bag.

To open the show, Jamie & The Jones showed their new collection. I was completely blown away with what I saw, and not just because we sell their stuff at Local Honey. The colors all worked together so nicely for the spring and early summer.I can't wait to start selling these pieces at the store.

Check out the finale video below.

The last show of the night was Kevork Kiledjian. If I were a girl, I would need to have quite a few of these pieces in my closet. The fur, leather, fringe, and black had my name written all over it. Here are a couple of my favorite pieces from the collection. Sadly I accidently deleted the finale video, thinking it was just a bad photo. :(

After the shows, I went to Suzy Wongs House of Yum for the official kickoff after party. This was my first time at Suzy Wongs, and I'll be back. There were trays floating around the place with various little foods and sushi rolls, and the DJ had people dancing on that dancing juice. While the race to grab something off a tray before it was empty was intense, the taste was well worth it.

After having a couple bowls of rice and great conversation, I left a bit early to head to Mai and see my good friend Kevin Perryman DJ. If you've never attended Recognize on Tuesdays, you need to check it out. Best dance party in Nashville.

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