Sunday, April 3, 2011

NFW Day 2

The night started off with drinks at the Rymer Gallery downtown. The drink of the week was white wine with Lotus energy drink, and a splash of Sprite. So good, and gets you right where you want to be. I was joined by some friends from school, Nina and Kelly.

After drinks, we went across the street to the Arcade. I've been to the Arcade plenty of times for Art Crawl, but they totally changed the entire look inside. I honestly forgot I was there throughout most of the night.
The designers showing that night were Melissa Tabor, Gado Gado, Betsey Johnson, Ben Sherman, and T. Rains.

Melissa Tabor and Gado Gado were all fine, but not too exciting in my taste. However, I can totally see their stuff on most of the girls here in Nashville. Unfortunately I didn't snag any photos of these runway shows. I'm still trying to figure out this new camera..

Betsey Johnson was fun. I really liked the gun and bullet shell prints they had. Of course you can't forget about the big frilly dresses that girls would sell their soul for. I was a bit disappointed that it was just what was in her store that was showing, and not her new collection. Check out a few photos and finale video from the Betsey Johnson show below.

Ben Sherman was one of the shows I was excited to see. You really can't go wrong with Ben Sherman. While its hard for me to actually fit into any of their pieces, I am obsessed with their boots. I've had a pair of Koot boots for 4 years, and they're still in great condition! Here are a few photos and of course the finale video from the Ben Sherman show.

Last was T. Rains. I had briefly heard things about him, but didn't exactly know what to expect. T. Rains is formally of Heatherette, and you can see this in his collection. While many I'm sure were hating on his line, because they didn't understand it or would never wear anything from it, I thought it was the most entertaining show of the evening. The sexy men in their speedos underwear, the feather, fur, and jeweled detailing on the busts and headpieces were so fun. I loved that his collection was Cowboy's and Indian inspired, which is perfect for Nashville.
I did however see a few McQueen influences, but other than that, I can honestly say his show was a success.

Oh, apparently Kelly Cutrone showed up for the show! (More on her in my next post!)

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