Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Easter

To celebrate Easter, I had a few of my close friends over for a home cooked organic meal. Keisha and Eric brought purple cookies and confetti filled eggs for some after dinner fun!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

NFW Day 5

Sorry again for the late posts. I really hope to get my internet together soon. I'm also trying to work on making this blog look a little better than it does. It's just so bleh to me so I can only imagine what readers are thinking. Anyway, here is my final post on Nashville Fashion Week.

The final day of Fashion Week was so much fun. Best designer of the night goes to Steven Oo. The detailing in every piece was such a great surprise compared to some of the designers that opened that day.

Check out some photos of his collection below.

After the shows I attended the official after party for Fashion Week. I met up with my friend Jazmin and we took the night on. This was the best party that I have attended in a good while. The mint juleps, vodka lotus, endless sweets and pasta boxes put me right in a good place.
Once I had a nice buzz going I decided it was time to go. Always best to leave a party on a good note and before everyone else.

Friday, April 8, 2011

NFW Day 4

Sorry for my delayed posts, I've been having the worst time with my internet service and uploading videos to youtube! A 33 second video takes around 45 minutes to upload for some reason. Anyway, this was by far the best of Nashville Fashion Week.
I got to attend a 2 hour speech from one of my idols, Kelly Cutrone. Kelly is a genius, and surprisingly super nice and hilarious. The crowd couldn't stop laughing at her stories.

After hearing her inspirational speech, a few select people (myself included) were invited to a private reception with Kelly. As if having my photo taken and hearing her speak wasn't enough.

At the reception we munched on duck and fried egg rolls, which were amazing to my surprise. Kelly was the most outgoing person I have ever come in contact with, it's no wonder she's so successful in the PR industry. She made her way around the room and made conversation with every person and took photos with teary eyed girls, which I found hilarious and ironic that they were on the verge of tears in front of her.

Check out some of the video footage I captured below.

If you havn't already read her book, If You Have To Cry Go Outside, you need to. It doesn't matter what industry you are in, this book is inspiring for everyone.
Also, be sure to get her new book once it hits the shelves!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NFW Day 3

The night started out with drinks and falafel at the House of Holland in East Nashville. The usual white wine and Lotus drink was spruced up a bit with lemon slices and a hint of mint. For sure one of the best drink's I've had in a while.
Knowing that Christian Siriano was showing tonight, we left out early to make sure we had good seats. Thank God we did because I was seated right next to Kelly Cutrone's daughter, Ava.

I was wearing:
Tidwell & Perryman Finale "Peacock" Shirt (obsessed)
Topman Spray On Skinny Jeans
Vintage Fur Suspenders
Forever XXI Faux Leather Jacket

One of my favorites of the night/week was White Rabbit. Shea Steele is the designer, and such a sweetheart. I respect Shea so much. Not only does she have her White Rabbit line, she also owns Local Honey, and travels for styling jobs.

Her line was completely different than expected. She usually shows a mix of patterns, but this season she is showing a more grown up look. The crowd went nuts. The all red look and forest green pants blew me away. Even as a boy, I kind of want to squeeze into those pants! Here are a few of my favorite pieces from her collection.

So right before the Christian Siriano show starts, I look over and who do I see? Kelly Cutrone.
I've seen many celebrities in my day, but something about seeing her made me crazy nervous and excited. To great surprise, she walked right up to me and sat right between her daughter and myself. I loved that she was texting, making calls, taking pictures for twitter, and making brief conversation all throughout the show. The woman can multi-task!

For the end of the night, Christian Siriano showed his latest collection. The collection was full of dark colors with a few random ashy lavenders and olive greens. Words can't describe the clothes so I'll just let you check them out for yourselves below.
Sadly my camera wasn't being too fast so I only have a few decent photos, but I did snub a video for the finale!

To end the night, Treona and I headed over to Sleeveless for a circus themed after party. The even was alright, not as great as everyone had built it up to be. The cupcakes were yummy, but the mixed drinks were awful. However, they did have a really nice white wine from Italy that more than made up.

Oh, look who I snagged a photo with! :D