Sunday, April 17, 2011

NFW Day 5

Sorry again for the late posts. I really hope to get my internet together soon. I'm also trying to work on making this blog look a little better than it does. It's just so bleh to me so I can only imagine what readers are thinking. Anyway, here is my final post on Nashville Fashion Week.

The final day of Fashion Week was so much fun. Best designer of the night goes to Steven Oo. The detailing in every piece was such a great surprise compared to some of the designers that opened that day.

Check out some photos of his collection below.

After the shows I attended the official after party for Fashion Week. I met up with my friend Jazmin and we took the night on. This was the best party that I have attended in a good while. The mint juleps, vodka lotus, endless sweets and pasta boxes put me right in a good place.
Once I had a nice buzz going I decided it was time to go. Always best to leave a party on a good note and before everyone else.

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